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All the slots have been filled (woohoo!)!  If you missed out this time but are still interested, keep an eye out because I plan to open up a few more slots in the near future.

Thanks you guysssss! <3
I just got back from a weekend in Portland and poor financial decisions.  XD  I'm opening up 5 commission slots to hopefully recoup some of what I lost in dinners out and a ritual trip to Ikea. As always, commissions are $35 for one character, full body, cell shaded, with a simple background.  Examples here:…

Additional characters will be +$20 each. I do nekkid pinups, but I don't do anything explicitly sexual so you'll have to be patient with me if I need to work with you on what you want vs what I'm willing to draw.  Boobs are ok, crotch is not ok.  I've done girls, anthros, boys, elves, etc so give me reference and I'll draw it for you!  :D  

NOTE:  I only accept paypal. Sorry!

If you are interested, send me a note!  It'll be first come first serve, so get it while you can!

I've been getting a couple inquiries for commissions, and I keep forgetting it's because I haven't updated this journal since March.  I'm closing commissions once more just because I would like to make time to get my own stuff done. Thank you so much for your interest, and those who have noted me in the last couple days I will get back to you individually.  As always, when I decide to re-open commissions I'll let all of you know, and hopefully you'll still be interested then!  Thanks so much for understanding, and being awesome enough to want a drawing from me!

<3 <3 <3

I had to stop taking commissions for a while because of work, but I've been having some more free time recently so I think I'm going to take this opportunity to start again.  And since I haven't posted this in a while, here is the quick description:

$35 for 1 character, fully colored and cell-shaded on some kind of graphic background.  They'll generally look something like this:

I do multiple characters as well, but the pricing will change accordingly.  I can do girls, boys, and recently I've had a few anthro commissions, so ask me and I'll say yes! *w*

I take paypal only, which hasn't been a problem so far, hopefully! >_<;;  Once I take your commission, I'll send you a rough sketch, and after you approve it I'll ask for the payment to be made before I start on the final colors.  I'm hoping this way people can have a rough idea of what they're getting before it's done and helps assure satisfaction. =w=

So if you're interested, send me a note! I'll be eagerly waitingggg! >w<
I started a Tumblr, which updates every now and then.  I fill it with stuff I love, stuff that makes me laugh, and occasionally some colored stuff that you won't see here.  Check it out if you're interested and keep me company! *w*

I've been tweeting for a while now, and I think the spambots are taking notice.  If anyone has a twitter and wants to see my ramblings add me! *^0^* I'll appreciate your company much more than the guy who wants to sell me spiritual healing online.


Also, I'm still taking commissions, if any of you are interested.  If you want a drawing for the low, low price of $15 or $20, send me a note! XD
Since I started taking commissions I've had a much bigger response than I had ever expected, and I'm so super stoked about that.  However, since money is pretty tight around here, I am going to change the pricing slightly.  A full color drawing with cell-shading will now be $20, from the original $15. I know the biggest appeal for these drawings were that they were so cheap and the $5 difference might put off some people, so I will continue to offer $15 commissions but they will be full color WITHOUT shading. They will have backgrounds still, so the only difference is whether you want shading or not.  I hope that's cool with everyone, and thanks for all the support!  I really appreciate it! <3
My senior film: 'tis complete.

As I'm winding down to the last couple days as a college student, I'm finally piecing together a collection of things to promote myself as an animator (website, reels, etc), which is really exciting.  If anyone's interested, I have a brand spankin' new website (with a proper domain name and everything!) over here:

and I have my demo reel here:

Check them out if you feel so inclined!  I really am excited to finally have everything I want to show to people all in a nice little collection like this.  I feel like I'm actually all nice and organized <3 Let me know what you think; any thoughts, critiques, etc would be highly appreciated!


Oh, also, now that school is over (basically) I'll be open to commissions indefinitely until something horrible comes up and I have to stop for some reason.  Which hopefully won't happen any time soon ::knocks on wood::
So I've never taken commissions before, but since Spring Break is right around the corner I think it would be a good way to spend my downtime (my first in ages!).  I'm not sure how much interest I would be able to generate, but if you happen to be interested, awesome!  And since I am quite the newby, I will keep the price low at $15 for a drawing similar to this:…

Colored, cell shaded, with some sort of graphic background.  Fifteen bucks.

So.  If you are interested at all, let me know! I'm quite good at responding to notes and messages over DevArt, so any questions would be good too.

Here I am, brand spanking new name and all!  It sure does feel nice to not be embarrassed by my account name XD